How to Make the Most of Your Staffing Agency Business Partnerships

As a staffing agency owner, it’s important to get the maximum value out of your business partnerships. Ed Burr, Director of Client Growth & Strategy at Encore Funding, was featured on a webinar hosted by UZIO, a technology platform for businesses, to share vital information that all staffing agency owners should know.  Watch Ed and…

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Cash Flow Challenges for Staffing Agencies

Cash Flow Challenges header image with Joel Adelman headshot

  All businesses obviously need cash, but a staffing business is ven more unusual with their cash needs. Our clients don’t feel any of the pinch of being with a regulated lender with excessive red tape and compliance issues to access capital. We make it easy to get funding. Learn more about our funding solutions…

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Full-Service vs. Money-only Payroll Factoring

How to choose the right business

Payroll factoring is one of the most popular types of business finance. Within that, there are two types of factoring: money only and full service. Money-only invoice factoring provides strictly payroll funding. You process your own paychecks, print your own invoices and file and pay your own taxes, while the factor delivers cash to cover…

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Best Staffing Industry Associations to Join

How to start a staffing agency

Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or are starting your own staffing agency, you don’t have to go it alone. There are numerous organizations and associations that offer data, education, support, opportunities, companionship and more. American Staffing Association. This national association aims to advance the interests of firms of all sizes and across…

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10 Great Online Resources for Staffing Professionals

staffing professionals

From reviews on recruiting software to reports on market trends, payroll and labor management, the online staffing community is vying for your attention. Industry analysts and news sites can keep you abreast of trends. Personal blogs and stories “from the trenches” provide opportunities to network – and learn from your peers. So, where should you…

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How to Reduce the Burden of Workers’ Comp Insurance

How reduce burden

Having workers’ compensation coverage is necessary for staffing agencies, both to protect temporary employees in the event of an on-the-job injury or disability and to comply with regulatory requirements. Compliance in this area, however, comes with significant costs. In addition to penalties for failure to provide coverage, the cost of workers’ comp can be driven…

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3 Things to Do Before Opening an Office in a New Market

3 things to do new office

There may come a point in the life of your business that the prospects of growth, at least significant growth, in your home market are slim. When that happens, you may start exploring adding another office in a new market. By establishing a presence in a new geographic area, you can take advantage of previously…

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