AI Tech Tools for Staffing Agencies: Save Time & Streamline Operations

Do More With the Right AI Tools

In the fast-paced world of staffing, you can’t afford to waste time. With the constant pressure to find qualified candidates, meet tight deadlines and work more efficiently, new tech tools for staffing firms offer promising solutions.

The hot topic at Staffing World 2023, an American Staffing Association event, was technology – AI in particular. Members of Encore Funding leadership who attended share their top insights on emerging technologies staffing firms can use to gain efficiencies and track the right candidates. Read on to learn more! 

Top Tech Tools for Staffing You Should Consider for Sales, Recruitment & Back-Office

Among the top tools and software that are revolutionizing the way staffing agencies operate, artificial intelligence (AI) is often the most discussed. AI has become an integral part of many staffing agency operations from sales and recruiting to back-office innovations.

1. Recruitment Technology

Hiring the right person and placing them in the right position can be time consuming. Here are some technologies that make the process much easier for staffing firms.

Candidate Screening

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For candidate screening, AI can quickly sift through thousands of resumes to identify top candidates and save recruiters valuable time in the initial screening process. It’s helped our clients identify the most qualified candidates based on their skills, experience, personality and fit with their values and culture. AI also helps reduce bias and improve diversity during screening.

Check out this list of 15 top pre-employment assessment tools.


Chatbots are another AI-powered application to consider. They’ve become popular for automating communication with candidates to provide quick responses and free up recruiters to focus on more important tasks. Chatbots can ask candidates pre-screening questions, provide feedback on candidate answers or prompt additional information from the candidate.

AI-powered chatbots have become advanced enough to detect and analyze tone, speaking volume and emotion to score candidates on nervousness, empathy and dependability. Take a look at these recruiting and HR chatbots being used across the industry.

Resume Parsers

Resume parsers use AI and machine learning to scan and analyze resumes. Relevant resume information is automatically converted and imported into an applicant tracking system (ATS) rather than recruiters importing the information manually. It can also analyze resume information like education, work history, skills or achievements. Once the resume has been analyzed, a recruiter can quickly search the database for keywords and phrases to compile a list of relevant candidates. This list of 8 resume parsers caught our eye! See the latest updates made to parsers using AI.

Virtual Interviews

Another technology gaining traction in the staffing industry is virtual interviewing. With the rise of remote work and video conferencing, virtual interviews have become a convenient and efficient way to connect with candidates. Platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet allow recruiters to conduct interviews from anywhere which eliminates the need for in-person meetings and saves time on recruiter or candidate travel.

2. Sales Technology

Learn how to equip your sales team with the most effective tools to make their job easier.

Meeting Assistant Tools

Meeting assistants like Fireflies, Airgram, Rewatch and Fathom are note taking tools that allow you to be more present. They can record and transcribe meetings, create outlines and action items, analyze attendee sentiment and integrate with your CRM so all your information is housed in one place!

Digital Business Cards

The next evolution of the paper business card is here. Digital business cards allow your sales team to easily share contact information with others using near-field communication technology. Learn more about this tech and different digital business card brands.

Professional Headshots

If a professional photoshoot for your sales team isn’t in your budget, AI-powered tools like Aragon, HeadshotPro, HeadshotAI and Try It On create updated headshots

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for individuals from past photos. Users simply upload old headshots or photos and the tool creates a more neutral background, suitable outfit and better lighting.

3. Back-Office Innovations

Beyond recruitment and sales, there are numerous tech tools for staffing firms for back-office support. If you want to keep payroll in-house, companies like Zeal and Uzio provide staffing firms with the building blocks to create their own payroll systems using APIs. For a more packaged, ready-to-use solution, Ascen is a great option for smaller staffing agencies. They basically offer a startup agency in a box.

At Encore Funding, we offer comprehensive technology solutions to optimize payroll processing, job order creation, onboarding, reporting and more. Our customizable back-office software and support for staffing agencies helps our clients overcome the hurdles of administrative tasks. See how our back-office support service gives you more time back into your day to spend on growing your business!

Tech Tools for Staffing Agencies Are Better Than Ever

The staffing industry is constantly evolving, and technology has become a crucial element in staying ahead of the game. From AI-powered recruitment processes to virtual interviewing and automated payroll systems, these advancements are valuable tools for staffing firms to streamline operations and save time.

At Encore Funding, we recognize the importance of technology and leverage it to make our clients’ lives easier. We help staffing firms focus on what they do best – providing top-notch talent to their clients. Connect with the Encore team to learn more about how our staffing industry experts can support your growth.