Service Basics

Encore offers our clients the ability to cover your payroll while waiting for your clients to pay. Using your outstanding invoices issued to your clients as collateral, Encore will give the funds you need now to cover payroll. Once the invoice is paid, Encore applies it toward your borrowed amount and then releases the remainder to you depending on the level of service you elect.

Operations Basics

Encore tries to remain as invisible as possible to your clients. All paychecks, invoices and tax filings will bear your company’s name along with referencing your name on our lockbox remittance address. If there is a need for us to contact your customer, you will be notified in advance.

Client Connections

Each situation is different. Encore carefully evaluates every request in a timely manner and we are comfortable making over-advances to support business needs.

Employee Connection

Encore offers multiple payments methods: direct deposit, payroll cards, or payroll checks.

Talk to Encore

Do you have funding questions or other staffing needs? We’ll connect you to a dedicated advisor right away.