Grow with Consulting & Strategy for Your Staffing Agency

Whether you’re a staffing startup or an established firm, let Encore serve as an extension of your team. At Encore, we are more than staffing agency consultants – we have decades of experience in the staffing industry and know what it takes to compete and thrive. Let us help you develop:

  • A winning growth strategy within your industry
  • Recruitment and development tools
  • A successful organizational structure
  • Streamlined processes for your back office


Learn more about our team and their experience.

Encore Helps Navigate Staffing Industry Challenges

Stabilize Cash Flow for Consistent Growth

Like many staffing owners, your cash flow may fluctuate from month to month. Our advisors help you identify ways to increase the predictability and stability of your finances. We've worked with agencies of all sizes to navigate economic highs and lows. 

Staffing Company Recruitment Strategies

These days, recruiting and retaining talent is tricky. The labor market ebbs and flows with macroeconomic trends. We offer guidance and tools for where to look, who to look for, and how much to pay your staff. Reduce turnover and maximize your client satisfaction. 

Business Development & Marketing

Making connections and marketing your staffing agency is vital to your success. Even large, established businesses can use an introduction to a prospective client or partner. We leverage our expansive network to drive your growth.

Competitive Pricing for Staffing Services

How do your rates compare to competitors and how should you price your staffing services? Pricing seems complex and varies across the industries you serve. Encore leverages our wealth of experience to help you develop a fair, yet highly profitable pricing model that brings new clients to your door and keeps them coming back.

Staffing Regulations & Legal Compliance

The regulatory landscape is ever-changing for the staffing industry. Our internal legal experts keep up with the latest employment laws, mandates, and industry news. We share this knowledge with our clients so you can focus on the day-to-day tasks of your agency. 

Stand Out in a Competitive Industry

The staffing industry is competitive, and technology has leveled the playing field across every industry. The team at Encore can help you differentiate your agency and develop a strategy that plays to your strengths.


Funding Questions? We Have Answers

These helpful FAQs cover everything you need to know about payroll funding and factoring.

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