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With decades of staffing-focused experience, Encore knows what it takes to compete and thrive in this industry. Our leadership team has fueled the growth trajectory of some of the biggest staffing and recruitment firms in the country.

Areas of Focus

Cash Flow

Like many staffing owners, your cash flow may fluctuate from month to month. Our advisors help you identify ways to increase the predictability and stability of your finances.


These days, building (and keeping) a solid talent pipeline is tricky. We offer guidance and tools for where to look, who to look for and how much to pay.

Business Development

Even large, established businesses can use an introduction to a prospective client or partner. We leverage our expansive network to drive your market growth.


How do your rates compare to competitors? We help you develop a fair, yet highly profitable pricing model that brings new clients to your door and keeps them coming back.

Legal & Compliance

The regulatory landscape is ever-changing. Our internal legal experts keep up with the latest employment laws, mandates and news so you don’t have to.


Meet Our Advisors

Together, our leadership team has built a legacy of helping thousands of staffing entrepreneurs succeed.

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