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Staffing Entrepreneurs

Demand for staffing companies is higher than ever. But you can’t take advantage of the momentum without steady cash flow. That’s where we come in.

Encore Funding combines quick, reliable payroll funding solutions with the back-office technology and strategic guidance you need to grow.

We don’t just deliver funding and walk away. We help you maximize it so you can scale from one business stage to the next.

Payroll Funding & Factoring
Payroll Funding & Factoring

Stabilize cash flow, even during tremendous growth, without the red tape or restrictions of traditional banks. We buy outstanding invoices at affordable rates while offering dedicated support for credit monitoring and collections.

Back Office Technology
Back Office Technology

Free yourself from administrative burdens that compromise your efficiency. Our comprehensive back-office technology optimizes payroll processing, job order creation, onboarding, reporting, and more.

Strategic Consulting
Strategic Consulting

Achieve your goals with our hands-on support, industry expertise and vendor connections. Our experienced advisors guide you on how to reduce costs, protect cash flow, improve recruitment and more.

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Support for Every Stage of the Staffing Journey

Every stage of business has its own unique challenges and opportunities. Click below for tailored guidance based on your specific needs.

We Know Staffing

Work with an experienced funding partner that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs like you succeed. We’ve lent over $25 billion to staffing, recruitment and temp companies of all stages and sizes. Will yours be next?

Funding Questions?
We Have Answers

These helpful FAQs cover everything you need to know about payroll funding and factoring.

Staffing Resources

What Is Invoice Factoring and How Does It Work?

​​​​​It can often take 90 days or longer to receive payment from customers or clients​.​​ ​Invoice factoring, also called payroll factoring or funding, gives you access to the instant cashflow you need to meet financial obligations and objectives.    Staffing companies commonly rely on invoice factoring because long waiting periods make it difficult to take advantage of…

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Payroll Factoring 101: Recourse vs. Nonrecourse Factoring

​​​​​You may already know that factoring is when a factoring provider like Encore Funding buys your outstanding invoices and transfers you cash​. However, it’s important to understand the two main types of factoring, recourse vs. nonrecourse, before you decide how to manage your staffing firm’s capital needs. ​​     ​  ​​​Read on to discover more about…

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