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Payroll Funding

Funding services provide reliable cash flow that removes the barrier to your growth.

For many staffing owners, the road to building a business can seem straightforward, until barriers to capital stifle your success. At Encore our funding services provide seamless, reliable and consistent  cash flow based on your weekly invoices.



Encore's team has decades of experience serving the staffing industry.

Not only do we provide payroll funding, our industry experts offer an active, hands-on partnership that also provides  strategic support you need to reach the next stage of your business journey.


Our Difference

With Encore, your success drives everything we do. This commitment shapes how we work to impact you and your business.

Individualized Approach

We recognize the differences in each business stage, market and plan. Every deal is custom-designed to serve your unique goals.

Established Connections

We help you build a network of resources, third-party partners and peers that support your short and long-term growth.

Tenured Expertise

Our executive team has decades of experience working with staffing owners to achieve their goals.

Meet our Team

Meet our experienced and awarded industry leaders.

Reach the Next Stage

You’ve been successful. Let’s build on your momentum, together.