What Do the Recent Bank Collapses Mean for Entrepreneurs?

Exchanging Money between hands at desk

  The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank are the biggest bank failures our country has experienced since the 2008 global financial crisis. These events raise serious questions about the decision-making by leadership at many of the nation’s larger banks. We need more time before the fallout can be fully measured. There…

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Payroll Factoring 101: Recourse vs. Nonrecourse Factoring

​​​​​You may already know that factoring is when a factoring provider like Encore Funding buys your outstanding invoices and transfers you cash​. However, it’s important to understand the two main types of factoring, recourse vs. nonrecourse, before you decide how to manage your staffing firm’s capital needs. ​​     ​  ​​​Read on to discover more about…

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Encore Funding Acquires Two National Companies, Millennium Funding and TemPay

Landmark deal sparks new funding opportunities, expanded services for staffing and transportation industries. Encore Funding, an alternative lender that unlocks capital and strategic support for entrepreneurs in the staffing and transportation industries, is pleased to announce its acquisition of two national companies: Millennium Funding, another alternative lender that provides working capital to the staffing and…

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Recruitment Strategies for Staffing Agencies

Recruitment Strategies header photo with Joel Adelman headshot

There’s never been a time in our country when recruitment has been more difficult. Our team of business experts understand your recruitment challenges and have strategies and tools to improve your process. This is just one reason why a growing staffing employment agency should partner with a company like Encore Funding. Contact us for recruitment…

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Why Work with Encore Funding?

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When you work with Encore… You gain a team of advisors that believes in YOU – your business, your vision and your potential. As a company that’s wholly dedicated to the staffing industry, we’re proud to support businesses that help millions of people make a living every single day. Learn more about our team of…

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Full-Service vs. Money-only Payroll Factoring

How to choose the right business

Payroll factoring is one of the most popular types of business finance. Within that, there are two types of factoring: money only and full service. Money-only invoice factoring provides strictly payroll funding. You process your own paychecks, print your own invoices and file and pay your own taxes, while the factor delivers cash to cover…

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How to Start a Temp Staffing Agency in 6 Steps

How to start a staffing agency

Creating your own business may seem daunting, but staying organized and focused is key. Follow our six steps on how to start a staffing agency and you’ll be well positioned for future success.   1. Gain Staffing Industry Experience Too many people try to start their own company with little to no experience in the…

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How to Price Your Staffing Services

How to price

Setting the prices for your staffing firm’s services can be tricky. Some of the costs that you need to cover are obvious — the pay rate of the worker, employer taxes (FICA, Medicare, SUTA, and FUTA), workers compensation, any benefits that are paid, plus overhead. But determining the remainder of the markup is difficult, especially…

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How Payroll Factoring Helps With Accounts Payable

How payroll factoring can help

In a perfect world, you would send an invoice to a client and the client would send you a check upon receipt. But in reality, it hardly ever works that way. Instead, you send an invoice, and it could be 30, 60 or even 90 days before you get paid, which can make it difficult…

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