How to Recruit and Retain Your Staffing Sales Team

Recruit Staffing Team Encore Funding

Selling in the staffing industry is different than conventional sales; instead of selling a tangible product, you’re selling a service. As a result, recruiting and retaining members of your temporary staffing sales team is a unique process. “Staffing sales is more about education rather than just selling,” says C. Adam Forbes, president of BaronHR. “You need…

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Full-Service vs. Money-only Payroll Factoring

How to choose the right business

Payroll factoring is one of the most popular types of business finance. Within that, there are two types of factoring: money only and full service. Money-only invoice factoring provides strictly payroll funding. You process your own paychecks, print your own invoices and file and pay your own taxes, while the factor delivers cash to cover…

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TemPay Complete Solutions Software

Outsourcing Staffing Agency

Every company is looking for ways to shrink costs in their day-to-day administrative processes. But reducing the administrative overhead associated with your temporary payroll is a challenge when you are also trying to grow your business and bring in new customers. With this challenge in mind, we offer TemPay Complete Solutions® temporary staffing software.  State-of-the-art…

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Creating a Business Plan for Your Staffing Agency

Staffing Agency Pad of paper next to computer

A business plan is the blueprint you follow to build your company. It outlines all of the major aspects of the business and keeps its architects — you and your business associates — focused and aligned. But a business plan is also a document you’ll use as you work with other critical stakeholders, including funders, vendors and…

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Temporary Staffing Employment Screening: How Often, When, Why and How?

Temporary staffing

Screening your temporary staffing employees is critical — you want to make sure the workforce you’re sending out is appropriate for the job and protect yourself against any potential liabilities. “We screen employees on a daily basis,” says the vice president of sales and operations at a large Cleveland-based staffing firm that specializes in the…

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Best Staffing Industry Associations to Join

How to start a staffing agency

Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or are starting your own staffing agency, you don’t have to go it alone. There are numerous organizations and associations that offer data, education, support, opportunities, companionship and more. American Staffing Association. This national association aims to advance the interests of firms of all sizes and across…

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5 Tips for Retaining Temporary Staffing Employees

Temporary staffing employees have a reputation for being transient, but that isn’t always the case. Some temporary employees enjoy the impermanent nature of temporary work, preferring to gain experience at a wide variety of companies rather than committing to tenure at one. Others take on temp work in addition to a full-time job for extra…

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10 Great Online Resources for Staffing Professionals

staffing professionals

From reviews on recruiting software to reports on market trends, payroll and labor management, the online staffing community is vying for your attention. Industry analysts and news sites can keep you abreast of trends. Personal blogs and stories “from the trenches” provide opportunities to network – and learn from your peers. So, where should you…

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5 Points to Cover in Your Staffing Agency Business Plan

Group business people having meeting

Your staffing agency business plan is your blueprint for success, whether you are starting a staffing agency or planning for expansion. Not sure where to start? Here are the five key points to cover when creating your staffing agency business plan. Write your elevator speech. You should be able to describe your new company to your…

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