Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Staffing Agency

How to Start a Staffing Agency: Pitfalls to Avoid Early On  Whether you’re interested in how to start a staffing agency or you’ve already begun doing business on your own, congratulations and welcome! The staffing industry is multifaceted and intriguing. When you first start out, though, it can be difficult to know what mistakes you…

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How to Make the Most of Your Staffing Agency Business Partnerships

As a staffing agency owner, it’s important to get the maximum value out of your business partnerships. Ed Burr, Director of Client Growth & Strategy at Encore Funding, was featured on a webinar hosted by UZIO, a technology platform for businesses, to share vital information that all staffing agency owners should know.  Watch Ed and…

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Managing Sales in a Competitive Industry

Managing Sales in Competitive Industry cover photo with Joel Adelman headshot

There are roughly 20,000 staffing agencies in the US, which equals a lot of competition. Our team of business consultants can train your sales people how to sell better. We’re committed to helping your staffing agency grow with smart moves. Contact Encore today for help managing your sales or cash flow.

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Recruitment Strategies for Staffing Agencies

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There’s never been a time in our country when recruitment has been more difficult. Our team of business experts understand your recruitment challenges and have strategies and tools to improve your process. This is just one reason why a growing staffing employment agency should partner with a company like Encore Funding. Contact us for recruitment…

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How to Price Your Staffing Services

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We’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of independent staffing agencies with different pricing structures to position them for growth. When you work with Encore Funding, you get funding and strategic consulting on how to grow your business the right way. Learn more about our strategic services. 

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Dealing with Compliance in Your Staffing Agency

Dealing with Compliance For Your Staffing Agency header image with Joel Adelman headshot

In the world of staffing, it’s a very complicated business with the back-office functions and payroll. Our team of business experts have experience in the staffing industry and can help with strategies and tools to make sure your staffing agency meets compliance. Contact us today.

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Cash Flow Challenges for Staffing Agencies

Cash Flow Challenges header image with Joel Adelman headshot

  All businesses obviously need cash, but a staffing business is ven more unusual with their cash needs. Our clients don’t feel any of the pinch of being with a regulated lender with excessive red tape and compliance issues to access capital. We make it easy to get funding. Learn more about our funding solutions…

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Why Work with Encore Funding?

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When you work with Encore… You gain a team of advisors that believes in YOU – your business, your vision and your potential. As a company that’s wholly dedicated to the staffing industry, we’re proud to support businesses that help millions of people make a living every single day. Learn more about our team of…

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