How to Retain Staffing Employees

Some temporary employees enjoy the impermanent nature of temporary work, preferring to gain a wide range of experiences. Others take on temporary work in addition to a full-time job for extra money. No matter the employee’s intent, it’s important you know how to retain staffing employees and gain a reliable pool of talent to fulfill your clients’ needs. 

Strategies to retain your temporary employees are worthwhile investments. Dependable employees help your business run as efficiently as possible and you can ensure qualified individuals are placed with your clients. Read on for our top tactics for how to retain staffing employees. 

Form Bonds with Your Employees.  

Make time in your day to truly connect with your temporary staffing employees. A friendly working relationship is beneficial to you both! Simple conversations or a passing smile go a long way. 

You should also sit down with your employees and ask them for feedback. They may provide you with valuable insight. In addition, reach out to employees via phone, email or mail to check in and ensure their information is up to date. Forming a bond with staffing employees ensures that if they do leave, they have good things to say about your company.  

Offer Competitive Wages and Benefits.  

Check with your peers and conduct research to determine your area’s hourly rates, health and life insurance plans and 401(k) offerings. When you give raises, make them substantial – small raises damage morale and make employees feel undervalued.  

Communicate Your Expectations.  

Employees tend to leave when their visions and goals don’t match the company’s. Clearly articulate your expectations for everything from employee conduct and dress code to temp agency payroll practices to ensure there’s no miscommunication. In addition, keep employees up to date on what’s going on in the office and with the company.  

Incentivize Employees.  

Simple activities like an “employee of the month” program or donuts on a certain day of the week go a long way to incentivize employees to stay and perform well. Consider a bonus program for those who receive high client satisfaction ratings. These programs are inexpensive but provide a valuable benefit because they motivate and reward employees.  

Provide Training Opportunities.  

Employees want to learn new skills that keep them competitive in the workforce. Paying for training classes or even offering your own training in-house will not only benefit staffing employees but will also benefit your company by enhancing your workforce with marketable skills your clients want and need. 

Focused on Your Growth. 

A strong, incentivized workforce is essential for your growth. We’re here to help support your success and expansion. Contact our team with your questions about how to retain staffing employees. 

VIDEO: Insights for How to Retain Employees