Accelerate Growth & Solve Your Cashflow Challenges Fast

Demand for staffing companies is higher than ever. But you can’t take advantage of the momentum without steady cash flow. That’s where we come in.

Encore Funding was built to help staffing entrepreneurs like you succeed with payroll funding for staffing companies. We know the staffing industry better than anyone because we’ve been in it for decades. Why work with Encore?

Fast, Flexible Funding 

Our payroll funding for staffing companies comes with the speed you need to pay your temporary workers on time – without long approval timelines or strict limitations. 

Tenured Expertise

Our executive team has decades of experience working with growth-minded staffing owners and agencies. We know what it takes to thrive in this industry.

Scalable Solutions 

As you grow your workforce or make big moves, our payroll funding and support services pivot with you. We move quickly to meet your demand. 

Apply Now for Payroll Funding with Encore

Whether you need full-service factoring, money-only factoring or another funding service, connect with Encore. Our team is excited to learn more about you and how we can help you grow! 


Funding Questions?
We Have Answers

These helpful FAQs cover everything you need to know about payroll funding and factoring.

The Encore Difference: Entrepreneurs Serving Entrepreneurs

When you work with Encore, you gain a team of advisors that believes in your business, vision and potential. We don’t just deliver funding and walk away. We help you maximize it so you can scale from one business stage to the next.

Here’s what you can expect from the dedicated Encore team:

  • Personalized Service: With us, you aren’t just another number; you’re a member of our team. We tailor our solutions and support to your specific stage, market and plan.
  • Secure, Dependable Funding: We are a privately held, family-owned company. This allows us to be more flexible and offer funding to entrepreneurs who may not have access to through traditional bank financing.
  • Growth Potential: Encore clients generally grow faster than their bank-funded peers because our interests are aligned in the same entrepreneurial spirit to grow. We’re also proud to help our clients take advantage of untapped opportunities to increase their footprint in the market.
Encore employees sit inside their individual cubicles and work on Payroll Funding for Staffing Companies.